Progressive Web Application

As a team of 3 Engineers we rebuilt the core web experience. Starting with a Mobile Web Progressive Web Application (PWA). Focused on the core user experience and purchase funnel from sign-up to checkout. A process that took 6 months and made fundamental changes to how we write front-end code at thredUP. Making use of Apollo Client, GraphQL, Express and React on the front end, in addition to fully adopting TypeScript!

User Experience

Providing the user with a faster and more consistent application, optimized based on user agent. This allows us to build and serve a optimized bundles and a more appropriate UI while maintaining a single code base.

  • 70% performance increase
  • Dedicated mobile & desktop builds
  • Improved SEO & accessibility
  • Visual consistency, UI/UX
  • Localization support

Developer Experience

  • Ever Green Dependencies
  • Hot Module Reloading
  • NPM Monorepo
  • 90% Test Coverage
  • E2E Test Suites

As the tools we use update and change, we need to be willing and ready to consume those changes. Allowing our packages to become "stale" often has a significant cost associated with it.

Evergreen Progressive Web Application "PWA"