A Software Engineer
Matt Scholta

Matt Scholta
Passionate about quality code written for humans, unlocking developer productivity, and creating a delightful user and developer experience.

Ambitions 🎯

15+ years of professional experience, the past 7 years at startups, and I love the flexibility it provides! It's allowed me to shift focus from the Frontend, to Backend, and into DevOps. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to push myself, and the products I help create.

Technology 🧰

This is a non exhaustive list of tools and technologies I use to make products come to life. I'm also very comfortable pushing pixels in Figma, Adobe, Video, and 3D modelling.

Companies I've built things for.

shiftsmartthredUPHaldiBeyondAlphabet (Google)AppleMeta (Facebook)HotwireMcDonaldsFedExCharterPG&EUS CensusUS Army