A Software Engineer passionate about quality code written for humans, unlocking developer productivity, and creating delightful user experiences.- Matthew Scholta
The California Coast

Opportunity awaits 🧑‍💻

After 5+ great years pushing the envelope at thredUP.com the time has come for a new set of challenges. With a focus on front end development, user-experience, user-interaction and a passion for developer productivity I am beyond excited to see what opportunities the future holds.

The technology and tools listed on this page are my preferred stack as of 2022. This year I'll be launching a new version of a long time project BarGuide.io with all that "free time" I have. 🤣

So, if you're interested in learning more, ask the nearest developer to help you find my email address. I've hidden it into the website, twice actually... Otherwise reach out and connect on LinkedIn.

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