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I've been happily developing on a Mac over the last 10+ years. However, I grew up on PC's and built a few rigs over the years for gaming and work. Now days a perk of working in Software our employer often supplies a well equipped box.


I am actually pleasantly surprised how small this list is... These programs are at the core of everything I do daily. While we can write code in in VIM or a text editor, life is just better with the right tools.

Visual Studio Code

Is my editor of choice and I could not be happier! It 100% does everything I need it to and I am continuously impressed by the improvements I've seen to date.


As far as terminal users go, I use it heavily every day. iTerm2 is free and full of features I use and many that I don't even know exist. Tabs, split-view, fast and reliable.

Docker Desktop

At the core of the modern development workflow is 🐳 Docker. I can't begin to explain how enjoyable a great docker and docker-compose workflow can be.

Figma / Sketch

It's not that often that get to play designer but I do enjoy keeping up with the tools. Figma is available in the browser + app and fast, love it!


These apps are just useful for navigating the day-to-day. Some of which I am highly satisfied with like Rocket, 1Pass and BetterTouch, and the others are just necessary.

Free Time

A true California native you can find me and the family at the beach! When we're not at the beach there is a good chance I am hauling ass along the coast on my motorcycle 🏍️💨.

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