The 2024 online resume of Matthew Scholta

👨‍💻 A Software Engineer whose passion lies in creating quality code written for humans, unlocking developer productivity, and creating a delightful user experience.


Staff Engineer
Sept 2022 - Present

After welcoming a baby girl in August, I'll be starting early September.

  • Prototyped and delivered a Remix + TailwindCSS application for external partners
  • Adoption of TypeScript in our React Native application
  • Dockerized the development workflow and tooling
  • ... And we're just getting started!

Principal Engineer
Apr 2021 - Aug 2022

One year in we've jump-started the organization's code! Taking a "loosely typed and strongly coupled" system and successfully flipping it. The entire stack is now containerized and makes us of Firebase Emulators for an incredible development workflow.

  • 0% - 80% Containerized stack and development workflow
  • Introduced GraphQL and strongly types across services
  • Delivered a full rebuild & rebrand of the Python + Django website to NextJS
  • Survey Framework, CSS Style Guide, Monorepo, Unit/E2E Testing, and more

Staff Engineer
Feb 2016 - Apr 2021

Successfully pitched, prototyped, and delivered several high-impact projects within the organization. Assisting in hiring, managing, and mentoring engineers at various levels, distributed across the globe.

  • Content Management System; Pitched, prototyped, and delivered
  • Progressive Web App (PWA); Pitched, prototyped, and delivered
  • Lerna Monorepo; Pitched, prototyped, and delivered
  • CSS Overhaul; Pitched, prototyped, and delivered
  • Apollo Migration, Redux Migration, Checkout Overhaul, and many more...

Technical Team Lead
Nov 2011 - Apr 2015

Agency life in San Francisco affords the opportunity to work with a variety of "high profile" clients to create and deliver high-impact projects. As Team Lead, my responsibilities included: pitch work, application architecture, technical documentation, code reviews, and mentoring.

  • Google TrainUP; Pitched, architected, developed, and delivered
  • Google Databoard; Conceptualized, architected, developed, and delivered
  • Facebook Disaster Relief; Prototyped with BackboneJS and Facebook API's
  • Apple iAds; Development of HTML micro sites internally for Apple
  • Apple iAds; Pitched an abstraction to minimize production time/cost, which was adopted internally


San Francisco State University

Industrial Design (incomplete)

A late change of major from Mechanical Engineering to Industrial Design and the lack of available courses I freelanced and went part-time over the course of several years doing graphic/web design, and web development.

  • Industrial Designers Society of America 2004 - 2007
  • Teaching Assistant: Automated Manufacturing Sys.
  • Teaching Assistant: Metals Manufacturing
  • Teaching Assistant: Drafting & Sketching for Design