Micro Service Containerization

Micro Service Containerization

This is what we are aiming for, simple right?

$ docker-compose up <service>

Good luck right?

The first month I joined was spent getting these services setup and cobbled together. No tests, little in the way of documentation, it was ripe for improvement and off I went.

The first week

I created a new, top-level organization repo which can be used to orchestrate and organize our various services. This is also where we'll create our "docker-compose" file and will serve as our daily starting point.

The first month

Next up I began containerizing each application, picking the easiest services first and working my way through to the more complex systems. This gave me a slow but steady introduction to this new codebase.

The first six months

Applications are 80% containerized and we've begun to layer on a proper development and emulator workflow. Along the way we continue to update each applications architecture and vendor code, an often tedious process. Painful when things have fallen far behind.

The first year

Emulators are integrated and our onboarding process has gone from 1 month to 1 day. The developer experience is blazing fast, debuggable across services, and so, so much more.