Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web Application

As a team of 3 Engineers we rebuilt the core web experience. Starting with a Mobile Web Progressive Web Application (PWA). Focused on the core user experience and purchase funnel from sign-up to checkout. A process that took 6 months and made fundamental changes to how we write front-end code at thredUP. Making use of Apollo Client, GraphQL, Express and React on the front end, in addition to fully adopting TypeScript!

User Experience

Providing the user with a faster and more consistent application, optimized based on user agent. This allows us to build and serve a optimized bundles and a more appropriate UI while maintaining a single code base.

  • 70% performance increase
  • Dedicated mobile & desktop builds
  • Improved SEO & accessibility
  • Visual consistency, UI/UX
  • Localization support

Developer Experience

  • Hot Module Reloading
  • Ever Green Dependencies
  • NPM Monorepo
  • Unit & E2E Test Suites
  • 90% Test Coverage out of the gate

As the tools we use update and change, we need to be willing and ready to consume those changes. Allowing our packages to become "stale" often has a significant cost associated with it.

Evergreen Progressive Web Application "PWA"